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Why did I start doing Crochet?

Hi! My name is Jennyfer.

I am a streamer on twitch.tv/officerjennyfer. If you don't know what that means, it means that I live stream myself playing video games and people can chat with me at the same time. I have always loved to play video games, especially Nintendo, since my grandma had (and still has) many of their consoles while I grew up. Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Star fox, Mario, Kirby are just a few of the franchises that I love the most.


Another part of my personality is that I am a very crafty person. Thanks to my mom, I also grew up surrounded by a lot of crafting supplies like, colored cardboard, fabric, fun stamps kit, paint, coloring pencils and.... you guessed it, yarn!

She actually tried to teach me how to knit when I was around 12 years old and I... hated it! HAHAHA


When I got to college, I started to have my own money and bought a lot of Nintendo plushies, slowly growing a collection (because a lot of the characters I was looking for did not have a plush yet.) Then it popped in my head. I COULD MAKE MY OWN NINTENDO PLUSHIES!

So... here we are! Welcome to my online shop, I hope you like it!

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